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One of the main reasons people fail at the first hurdle when they come into a gym or set out on a new fitness routine is that they lack support.  You see them joining a gym for the first time or joining a new gym and this can be a very intimidating experience.  

So what happens in most gyms is:

  1. Step 1 You  join the gym
  2. Step 2-You get an Induction and get shown around 10-15 machines
  3. Step 3-If you are lucky you may get a training plan where the instructor takes you through a workout
  4. Step 4-You come into the gym yourself and try the exercises but have forgotten what most of them are and are too intimated to ask again incase you look silly.
  5. Step 5-You really didn't enjoy your gym experience so you start avoiding the gym.
  6. Step 6-You decide to try again but as you get ready to exit your car to head into the gym you decide against it and go home.
  7. Step 7-You dont go back to the gym and ultimately fail to achieve your goals.

This is a very common experience for many people who are just stating out at the gym.

And this is the very reason why we developed our 6 Week kickstart program.

Our 6 week kickstart is a very comprihensive program that is designed to take you through a step by step process to ensure you get all the support you need during your first 6 weeks of exercise.  The program will include a training plan along with a nutrition plan specifically tailored to your goals and will be reassessed and adjusted gradually as you improve throughout the weeks.

The 6 week program is split into 3 seperate 2 week phases

PHASE 1 Days 1-14

We will take you through a detailed consultation where we will chat about your goals , challenges and past exercise experiences .   We will then record your weight,   body-fat percentage level , metabolic age , bone density and hydration level.  We will then come to an agreement on how many times you can exercise within the first 2 weeks and we will actually decide there & then on your first consultation when those times are going to be.  The next step will be to take you through a training plan tailored specicfically to your goals and fitness levels.  

PHASE 2 Days 14-28

On or around day 14 we will get you back in and first of all check that you have hit your targets on the exercise sessions we agreed to. We will then check  your Results against the goals you set for the first 2 weeks and make any neccesary changes if needed.  For example if you have lost too much weight we may adjust your nutrition plan to increase your calorie allowance. If you havent lost enough weight then we may decrease your calorie allowance.  We will then go into a bit more detail on nutriton and advance the exercise plan.  

PHASE 3- Days 28-42:

For the final Phase we will once again look at your  exercise session targets and results and if needed make the necesary adjustments to your nutritional targets / calories. We will once again advance the exercise program to your new level of fitness and set you on your way motivated for the final 2 week phase.


Your gradualtion day is the day we get you back on those scales and celebrate the AWESOME results you have achieved.  We will then look at a plan suited to your needs to help you to continue to move forward and achieve the results you truly deserve when you join a gym.

So guys /girls what we have here is a step by step plan to help gradually move you from the gym being a place of discomfort to a place where you will actually look forward to coming to & create a new healthy habit.  

Your instructor will be working closely with you to ensure that you totally understand what you are doing and if you do forget any exercises he/she will be there to help you. 

For me and my highly skilled team of Fitness Professionals, there is nothing more satisfying for us when someone is on track, enjoys our gym and gets the results they so desperately desire. We would also like to help you!!

You may be wondering how much this program costs?

And the beauty of it all is that it's all included within your monthly membership rate!

I dread to think what some other gyms may dare to try and charge clients for this type of programme.

So when considering joining another gym please don't just look at the price of the membership and make a descision of a few £ per month and look at the service and value each gym provides and make a decision from there.

If you are very interested in hearing out more about our exclusive programme why not reach out on my personal mobile number:

07949578439 or email

Kind regards

Anthony Murray


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