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44 South Bridge Street,
Airdrie, Scotland,

Telephone Number
01236 749 970

Mobile Number
07949 578 439

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Classes Timetable

All classes are included in membership excluding pole fitness.

Time Class
6.15am- 6.45am

Fat Burn Extreme

7.15am - 8.15am Hatton ABC           " Instructor - Daryl"
9.30am - 10.00am Tabata Tone "chest, biceps" - " Instructor- Daryl"
12.15pm - 12.45pm Core X fit   " Instructor - Daryl"
6.00pm- 6.30pm Tabata Tone-   " Instructor Ryan"
6.30pm-7pm  P90x  -           " Instructor - Jonathan"
7pm-7.30pm Fat burn Extreme         "Instructor-  Jonathan


Time Class
6.15-6.45am Core X Fit   "Instructor Daryl"
9:30am - 10am Kettlercise   "Instructor "Dawn"
12.15-12.45 Super circuits "Instructor Daryl"


Fat burn Extreme "Instructor Dawn"
6.30-7.15pm Kettlercise "Instructor Dawn"
7.45-8.15pm Ryans Rest and Repair (Stretch)  Instructor "Ryan"
Time Class
7.15-7.45 am

Cardio Club "Instructor Anthony" 

9.30am-10.00am Tabata Tone "back and triceps"  "Instructor Anthony"


Get Glutes"  "Instuctor Anthony"
6:00-6.30pm Tabata Tone "back and triceps" Instructor Daryl"
6.30-7pm Get Glutes "Instuctor "Ryan"
7:00pm - 8.00pm   Hatton ABC "Instructor Daryl"
Time Class
6.15am-6.45am Kettlercse "Instructor Daryl"
7.15am- 8.15am  Hatton ABC "Instructor Daryl"
9.30am- 10am Core X Fit "Instructor Daryl"
12.15pm-12.45 pm Fat burn extreme  "Instructor Daryl"
6pm-6.30pm Core X "Instructor "Jonathan"
6:30pm - 7pm Tabata cardio/core "Instructor Ryan"
7pm -7.30pm

Combat Instructor "Hannah"

Time Class
7.15-7.45am Super circuit "Instructor Anthony"
9.30am-10.00am Tabata Tone "legs and shoulders"  "Instructor Anthony"
13.15-12.45pm Cardio Club "Instructor Ryan"
6.00pm-6.30pm Tabata Tone legs/shoulders "Instructor "Ryan"
6.30pm-7pm Ryans Rest and repair "Stretch   "Ryan"
Time Class
9:30am - 10am  Legs Bums and Tums Instructor "Hannah"
10.00am-10.45am Boxercise Instructor " Daryl or Ryan"
Time Class

Combat   Instructor "Hannah"

11am-11.30am Cardio club "Instructor "Daryl or Hannah"
Championship Wrestling "not included in membership" 11am-3pm   "Instructor Thomas"